Integrated Project Logistics Management

Integrated Project Logistics Management


Red provides world-class, integrated project management services. These services include the following critical components:

Pre-shipment Transportation Surveys and Studies 
We carry out in-depth studies of routes available to determine the most appropriate route for each project on a case-by-case bases. Surveys & studies are carried out by our in-house experienced staff.

Project Budgeting
Red can assist customers by providing detailed information regarding anticipated port costs, logistics costs and general expenses, allowing customers to adequately budget their projects well in advance.

Carrier selection
Each available carrier will be evaluated on Suitability, Experience, Ability, Quality and Pricing.

Transport Engineering 
We offer our in-house transport engineering services. Red’s specialists will propose the best technical and practical transport solution by combining local knowledge with technical know-how.

Construction by-pass for 400tons HeavyLift in Nigeria

HSE Studies and Risk Assessments 
Transport risks for all types of cargo are identified to ensure that all necessary precautions and procedures are strictly adhered to.